Environmental Site Assessments

    IPA offers three levels of environmental site assessments. Phase I Environmental Assessment provides qualitative and thorough review of the property based on readily available information and field observations. If warranted, a Phase I will include sample collection and testing of asbestos, lead and radon. Following Phase I, if there is an indication of potential contamination on the property, a Phase II Environmental Assessment may be recommended to determine the extent, location, type, source and potential migration of the hazardous material identified in Phase I. Phase III Environmental Assessment consists of the remediation plan for the removal, encapsulation, and monitoring or management of the contaminants at the site. IPA provides the following services:

    • Phase I and Phase II investigations in accordance with ASTM or other established standards.

    • Remedial action of ground water and soil.

    • Regulatory liaison and regulatory compliance review.

    • Asbestos pre-demolition surveys including sampling and testing in accordance with AQMD requirements.

    • Lead-Based-Paint risk assessments including sampling and testing in accordance with HUD guidelines.

    • Lead-Based-Paint comprehensive surveys utilizing both paint chip and XRF technology.

    • Abatement project design preparation.

    • Monitoring and closure of abatement operations.

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